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The velocity of sound at the sea level in a standard atmosphere is:

The vertical speed indicator of an aircraft flying at a true airspeed of 100 kt, in a descent with a slope of 3 degrees, indicates:

The response time of a vertical speed detector may be increased by adding a:

The vertical speed indicator (VSI) is fed by :

The operating principle of the vertical speed indicator (VSI) is based on the measurement of the rate of change of:

The advantages provided by an air data computer to indicate the altitude are : 1. Position/pressure error correction 2. Hysteresis error correction 3. Remote data transmission capability 4. Capability of operating as a conventional altimeter in the event of a failure The combination of correct statements is :

In An Air Data Computer (ADC), aeroplane altitude is calculated from:

An Air Data Computer (ADC):

The basis properties of a gyroscope are:

A rate integrating gyro is a detecting element used in

Compared with a conventional gyro, a laser gyro:

A laser gyro consists of:

In the building principle of a gyroscope, the best efficiency is obtained through the concentration of the mass:

Among the systematic errors of the " directional gyro" , the error due to the earth rotation make the north reference turn in the horizontal plane. At a mean latitude of 45aN, this reference turns by...

The indications on a directional gyroscope or gyrocompass are subject to errors, due to:

The directional gyro axis no longer spins about the local vertical when it is located :

The directional gyro axis spins about the local vertical by 15degrees/hour:

The pendulum type detector system of the directional gyro feeds:

The gimbal error of the directional gyro is due to the effect of:

An airborne instrument, equipped with a gyro with 2 degrees of freedom and a horizontal spin axis is:

The maximum directional gyro error due to the earth rotation is:

A slaved directional gyro derives it's directional signal from:

The input signal of the amplifier of the gyromagnetic compass resetting device originates from the:

The heading information originating from the gyromagnetic compass flux valve is sent to the:

The gyromagnetic compass torque motor :

Heading information from the gyromagnetic compass flux gate is transmitted to the :

Heading information given by a gyro platform, is given by a gyro at :

A gravity type erector is used in a vertical gyro device to correct errors on :

A gravity erector system is used to correct the errors on:

A turn indicator is built around a gyroscope with:

An airborne instrument, equipped with a gyro with 1 degree of freedom and a horizontal spin axis is a:

In a Turn-indicator, the measurement of rate-of-turn consists for :

At a low bank angle, the measurement of rate-of-turn actually consists in measuring the :

The rate-of-turn is the:

On the ground, during a right turn, the turn indicator indicates:

On the ground, during a left turn, the turn indicator indicates :

The heading reference unit of a three-axis data generator is equipped with a gyro with:

The vertical reference unit of a three-axis data generator is equipped with a gyro with :

The quadrantal deviation of the magnetic compass is due to the action of :

Among the errors of a magnetic compass, are errors:

The purpose of a compass swing is to attempt to coincide the indications of:

Magnetic compass swinging is carried out to reduce as much as possible :

The data supplied by a radio altimeter:

Modern low altitude radioaltimeters emit waves in the following frequency band:

The operating frequency range of a low altitude radio altimeter is:

The aircraft radio equipment which emits on a frequency of 4400 MHz is the :

When flying in cold air ( colder than standard atmosphere ) the altimeter will:

The disadvantage of an electronic rpm indicates is the:

An driven gyro systems on conventional aircraft operation of the principle of:

The total air temperature (TAT) is:

A Classic artificial horizon will during take-off

If the static vent were to become blocked during a climb the airspeed indicator would:

A single axis autopilot normally only provides control around the:

If the tanks of your aircraft only contains water the capacitor gauges indicator

The flight director provides information for the pilot:

Ram rise is:

A Stand-by-horizion or emergency attitude indicator

An agonic is a line drawn on charts to join places on earth's surface of:

The alternate static source of a non-pressurized aircraft is located in the cabin As the alternate static source is opened the vertical airspeed indicator may:

With reference to gyroscopic principle it is true to say that

considering a flight director of the command bars type

When "Lateral Navigation" mode is selected on an autopilot system the pilot can expect:

The type of gyroscope normally in a turn indicator is

Concerning the electronic display systems the color associated with an engaged mode is:

The pressure capsule of an airspeed indicator is sensitive to the difference :

The main difference between a Vertical speed indicator (VSI) and an instantaneous vertical speed indicator (IVSI) is: