Instrument and Electronics – CPL Test 2

Welcome to your Instrument and Electronics – CPL Test 2

The Primary Flight Display (PFD) displays information dedicated to:

All the last generation aircraft use flight control systems. The Flight Management System (FMS) is the most advanced system ; it can be defined as a:

The Decision Height (DH) warning light comes on when an aircraft:

The operation of the radio altimeter of a modern aircraft is based on:

The flight director indicates the:

The command bars of a flight director are generally represented on an:

The position of a Flight Director command bars:

Landing shall be considered as having been carried out automatically when the autopilot and the auto-throttle of an aircraft are disengaged by flight crew :

A closed loop control system in which a small power input controls a much larger power output in a strictly proportionate manner is known as:

The interception of a localizer beam by the autopilot takes place:

The Altitude Select System:

A semi-automatic landing system disconnects itself automatically:

During a Category II automatic approach, the height information is supplied by the :

Compressibility error in the ASI is normally corrected by:

Pressure error consists of which of the following:

The airspeed indicator of a twin-engine aircraft comprises different sectors and colour marks. The blue line corresponds to the:

If the outside temperature at 35000 feet is -40oC, the local speed of sound is:

When descending through an isothermal layer at a constant Calibrated Airspeed (CAS), the True Airspeed (TAS) will:

An aircraft is flying at an indicated altitude of 16,000 ft. The outside air temperature is -30oC. What is the true altitude of the aircraft?

An aircraft is descending from FL 390 to ground level at maimum speed. The limits in speed will be:

An airspeed indicator includes a capsule; inside this capsule is:

Due to its conception, the altimeter measures a:

When flying in cold air (colder than standard atmosphere), indicated altitude is:

The vertical reference of a data generation unit is:

The machmeter consists of:

VFE is the maximum speed at which:

VLO is defined as:

Total Air Temp is always ___ than Static Air Temp and the difference varies with ___

What does the blue line on an ASI of a twin propeller engined aircraft indicate:

What is SAT:

The speed at which sound is transported through the air is dependant on:

A gravity erector system is used to correct the errors on:

A failed RMI rose is locked on 090 and the ADF pointer indicates 225 . The relative bearing to the station is:

When an aircraft has turned 270 degrees with a constant altitude and bank, the pilot observes the following on a classic artificial horizon:

The torque motor of a gyro stabilised magnetic compass:

The rate-of-turn is the:

The gimbal error of the directional gyro is due to the effect of:

On a turn and slip indicator, needle to the left and ball to the right indicates:

The heading read on the dial of a directional gyro is subject to errors, one of which is due to the movement of the aircraft. This error:

In a DGI what error is caused by the gyro movement relative to the earth:

In a turn at a constant angle of bank, the turn indicator reading is:

The characteristics of the directional gyro (DG) used in a gyro stabilised compass system are:

In a left turn while taxiing, the correct indications are:

The pendulum type detector system of the directional gyro feeds:

Dynamic pressure is:

If the static vent becomes blocked during climb:

Indicated airspeed corrected for position error is:

Compressibility error in the ASI is normally corrected by:

Turbulent flow around a pressure head will cause:

When side-slipping, one of the instruments below will give an incorrect indication:

What does a vertical speed indicator actually measure:

Static pressure affects:

A servo-assisted altimeter is more accurate than a simple altimeter because the small moments of:

The primary factor which makes servo-assisted altimeter more accurate than simple pressure altimeter is the use of:

The purpose of the vibrating device of an altimeter is to:

On board an aircraft the altitude is measured from the:

The altimeter is fed by:

An aircraft is flying straight and level over a warm air mass the altimeter:

The altimeter is supplied with:

When flying in cold air (colder than standard atmosphere) indicated altitude is:

A vibrator may be fitted to an altimeter to overcome:

Pressure altitude may be defined as:

The single most significant item which makes a servo altimeter more accurate is:

In an altimeter what pressure is fed to the capsule and the case:

The altitude indicated by an altimeter is: